Классическая европейская прогимназия

About pre-school and primary school

European pre-school and primary school educational center – is the first educational level of Autonomous nonprofit professional education organization "Far Eastern Center of Continuous Education" . You can find here interesting programs for pre-school, primary and supplementary education. The kindergarten and primary school work as a single educational complex.

Our motto: While thinking what a child’s going to be tomorrow we should remember that he is a person now.

Our center consists of:

Kindergarten and pre-school training (3-7- year-old children)

Primary school (7-10- year-old children)

Supplementary education (3-10- year-old children)

School of early development works on the program made by our teachers and gives a baby and a mother chance to feel each other in a better and constructive way.

    Our kindergarten works on Maria Montessori’s method which helps a child to show him free in his independent activity.

    The primary school takes care of children’s health and uses special technology.  We have special English learning additional program for the 1st Graders.

    Supplementary education includes: music, acting, drawing, claying, dancing, taekwondo and other kinds of creative work.

Welcome to our kindergarten and school.

You can get all the necessary information from our selection committee:

Room 101, telephone: 8(423) 261-47-54

Room 408, telephone: 8(423) 261-47-37

We locate in the suburb of Vladivostok at Sanatornaya station.

Our address:

10, Desyataya Street,